Eating Out

I went out to eat the other night. The place is kind of a hip dinner. My wife and I sat at a table in the middle of the dinning room.

When we got our food, I noticed two women and a man at a booth across the room. They were looking at tile sample and paint colors. I judged that the skinny Asian man was an interior designer. The women were a lesbian couple. The Hispanic woman in her late 30's literally wore the pants in the relationship. And the other woman white and in her early 40's.

She wore a white top and a black skirt. Her legs were long and smooth, disappearing to the blackness of her skirt.

As I ate, I kept an eye on her crotch while trying to pay some attention to my wife so she wouldn't notice where my attention really was.

The man that was between the two women got up to use the restroom. As the sat alone next to each other, the woman's legs widened a bit and rubbed against her partner's jeans. I was transfixed as I got my first brief glimpse at her white panties.

The woman's legs swayed slightly and stayed slightly open. Her partner then put a hand on her knee. This pushed her skirt up her leg slightly. A bulge grew in my pants as I got a clear view. She was wearing a white satin thong. The women kissed briefly and the man returned.

I was satisfied that I got dinner and a show.
Kiki31 Kiki31
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Hot to have that at dinner, Did you go home and have Desert?