Upskirts In School

In my school you had to wear uniforms so every girl wears a skirt. Most them have a habit of crossing their legs while sitted , with one leg over the other , one day in class three of y classmates and I were punished so we has to sit at the front of the classroom , when I sat down I realise this was my perfect chance to look for upskirts , there was a really hot girl about 160 cm tall , she had a decent figure and her legs were crossed left over right so from where I'm sitted I had a perfect view of her legs and panties , they were light blue and white stripes and I had more than half an hour to stare at it ,

Afew weeks later we had a workshop after school in class , so we were given a choice of whether to go for a recess break or stay in class to rest , so afew of us stayed , I noticed this really hot and cute girl sitted across directly from the class room , she was slightly chubby but really gorgeous , she had her legs spreaded out too far and I could see her panties , it was really close to skin colour and I couldn't help but stare at it , afew seconds later we made eye contact , she realised I was staring at her ******* but did not seem to mind

This last part im sharing has nothing to fo with upskirts ,
We had a class event during a holidays where we rented a chalet , basically a one - two story hotel with BBQ pits and stuff , after the party , some of us stayed for the night , our chalet wa a combination of two.there was an door linking he two chalets together so we could easily walk right into each room , we decided to go for midnight bowling so all of us went out , except for a girl who did not feel like it , so we all headed out , 15 minutes later I realise I left my wallet at the chalet so I went back from the bowling centre ,
When I opened to door I saw tht the bathroom lights were on door was opened while tr water was running , so beig curious I looked in and to no surprise was my female classmate in the nude taking a shower, I was shocked and she too looked shock so we made eye contact for awhile and I said "I'd better leave " and walked out of the bathroom after I took my wallet from my bag , I turned back and saw her wearing nothing but a towel standing in front of me , I had to admit , I wasn't hating anypart of this , she told me she had liked me for a really long time and did not mind of what had happened , and b4 I knew it we were showering together naked , and this beautiful girl Sharon is now my gf , we spent so long in the shower all out friends(guys and girls) came back from the bowling alley and noticed we were in the bathroom locked together , thy teased us but I dd not mind , I really enjoyed this as it was nt only the first time I seen a girl nude in real life but also I had made my first ever girlfriend , we are now still together and in soon celebrating our one year anniversary together
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Your experience is like a dream, you're one lucky basterd lol.