Caught Perving In The Office!

It was about seven years ago when I was working for three days as a contractor in an H.R. office of a media corporation based near Oxford circus in London. I was merging two filing systems together, a dull, monotonous & tedious task. The office was about 15m long and 10 meters wide. The desks were arranged around the edge of the room all looking into the open centre area. I was at the far end of the office (6 o'clock position) close to the four Kardex times two units (the type that can rotate if you step on a peddle at the base to unlock it). There were about 12 people in the room and at the 4 o'clock position there was a nice looking woman. At the 12 o'clock position about 10meters from me sat an attractive woman in her mid to late 30s maybe early 40s with brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a grey business jacket and skirt that was a bit above the knee. She was a manager of some sort. Well I could see her shapely legs, knees together as you would expect. As time dragged by mind-numbingly slowly, I looked up from my task and noticed her knees had spread apart enough for me to see between her thighs to the gusset of what looked like white cotton panties. I was well discipline in my perving, I would process a set number of files then take a quick peek then back to more dull files. This went on for about 3 hours, it made a dull job bearable and perked up my day no end until...
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the woman at 4 o'clock get up and walk over to the lady at 12 O'clock, of course I was ogling her bottom as she walked over. She bent over and talked into the ear of the woman opposite me, then the woman opposite me looked at me and angled her legs to the side then the other lady looked at me! I looked down at the files but I had a big grin on my face. :) Three things about that incident that still bug me,
1. How did the woman at 4 O'clock find me out? Did she look in the same direction and saw what I saw or did she notice me looking? if so why was she looking at me?
2. I can't believe she told the woman what I was doing and spoilt my fun!
3. No one said anything to me about it, I did notice the odd look from the lady opposite the following day. I still got a little thrill thinking “she knows ,that I know, that she knows”.
When I was leaving at 6pm about half an hour after everyone else, one of the building maintenance guys came in and started to do something to her desk. I asked what he was doing and he said he was fitting a modesty board!! that's the part of a desk that hangs down near the back to stop people like me perving all day. lol
Lastly, I figured the next day she would come in wearing trousers if she did not like me getting an eye full of her panties or she would wear a skirt if she liked it!! What do you think she was wearing the next day and would you have ratted me out or let me have my fun???
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4 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I certainly would not have ratted on you. I would guess that the next day she would have worn a skirt with leggings

One time I was totally enjoing the small perky breasts of a wonderful and elegant very attractive lady at a YMCA basketball game, she was very into the game and did not notice her small *** was nicelly exposed covered with a bra but thebra combed a little at times so it was quite a nice view, then the lady on my back told her something and they both gave me a dirty look... I moved from there lol

Some women do enjoy flashing and giving a peek...others tie those knees together with a rope! I would have not ratted you out. As I enjoy the flash and peek myself.

Very nice story....yeah I think they figured out what was happening all right....I think the "Modesty Board" said it all lol....the devils creation.....LOVE upskirts like you mate and do everything I can to get a sneeky peek......keep it "up" mate!!