My Mom Ocd My 15yr Old Ocd Im Laid Back, What Do I Do.please Read!

Ok, so I grew up with a mom that had OCD and had to have everything perfect she didn't work and she never has worked, I feel like all she did all day was clean, laundry and cook, she always seemed super busy with her chores! So, I grew up the opposite I am laid back and chill I know that things will eventually get cleaned and laundry get done. The problem now is my 15 year old daughter is OCD. She wants everything the way she wants it perfect wether it is right or not she is judgmental on everything. We live in the city but have a beautiful house with 5 acres just on the outskirts of the city. We have 5 dogs, 4 cats, 25 chickens, 9 rabbits, 4 turkeys, and own a pet business we are pet lovers, being a pet lover with lots of pets is hard to take care of and keep a perfectly clean house all the time. My daughter is so embarrassed she never has anyone over except yesterday she finally brought a friend home. I had the house detailed by a cleaning company the day before so the house was really clean and neat. We do have a housekeeper/nannie that lives in our basement but she has been gone for a couple of weeks on vacation, my daughter is so embarrassed that we have someone clean our house, she told her friend it was a renter. Ok, so her friend is over and my dog last night ate my chocolate of of my bed stand in the middle of the night and got really sick and puked all over the house because she was poisoned of course chocolate is lethel to dogs. So I woke up and was cleaning it was really gross and her friend saw this. On the weekend my 15 year old and her sister are suppose to do dishes but because she had a friend over they did not get done. So last night I cleaned the kitchen and living room just not the dishes so it would look neat for her friend. Well it didn't stay that way for long with 7 people living in the house. So, today I took her and her friend and my other teenager to the movies, dinner, shopping, starbucks, paid for everything even her friend, we had a really good time. So, we got home and her friend stayed for a little while and then I took her friend homeand after we dropped her off my 15 year old was practically in tears, she was like OMG I am never having anyone over again, everything about the way we live, the house, our housekeeper, pets embarrassed her, the car wasn't clean enough it just went on and on. But, this is the way we live we aren't perfect, we don't have the cleanest house, we aren't rich, we have to many animals. Im afraid now she will never have anyone over again. Why is she so self conscious is it her OCD?? Is there anything I can do to convenience her that her friend was fine because her friend seemed to have a really good time and loved all the animals. How do I explain to her that everyone is not perfect and it's ok for her friends to see a real life home not a perfect picture.
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Jan 20, 2013