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I'm OCD and I have been since I was little. Soo here's my list:

1. I don't do this anymore, but when I was little I would layer up so much because I feared the thought of being naked in front of others.

2. I would type something and erase it and do the same thing several times (facebook statuses, writing, IMing, etc.)

3. I click the lock button on my car 3 times.

4. I only use the stalls in public restrooms with even numbers (#2,4, etc.)

5. Everything in my room is color coated, and everything in the kitchen.

6. I make a ton of lists and I freak out if I lose one.

7. I used to hoard stuff when I was little because it was all "sentimental", including napkins (I had one from an airplane for 3 years in a box under my bed)

8. I count when I walk.

9. I always obsessive and wonder if someone is talking about me behind my back.

10. I shampoo twice every time I shower. If I don't I feel like my hair is dirty.

11. I feel like I'm responsible if there is a burglary or fire or something, and I make lists and think about what I'd do if there was every one.

12. I carry a bag with me everywhere containing things I need (duck tape, water bottle, phone, army knife, etc.) and if I leave it at home or something I start freaking out.

13. I'll count, tap, blink, mess with my fingers or hands.

14. I'll touch everything in the store (I know, I'm such a toddler)

15. I check everything 3 times.

16. I pick at my finger tips, like pulling the skin off and biting my nails. It's awful. But if I can pick it, I will.


18. I used to have a really bad eating disorder.

19. Unwanted words, like saying thing I'm afraid of, I'll like convulse over and hold my hands over my ears because god dam it I'm an idiot.

20. I can't go to sleep in a silent room. The doctor says it's cause my thoughts are too loud. XD

Haha 20 things. Gee, there's OCD for ya.

FYI, it took me like 2 hours to finish this. Just kidding. Only an hour and a half.
madebywallflower madebywallflower 18-21, F 1 Response Aug 12, 2013

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I like making lists, but it's not really a compulsion of mine. Instead I have this awful spitting habit, and I pick at my fingers and nails, too. I also can't go to sleep in a silent room. I keep the fan on even when the house is freezing xD

I really want to keep a bag like you, to make me feel safe, but my school doesn't allow knives or anything of that nature.

I hoard everything too! I must have two or three roles of duct tape and random pieces of paper I've found. My collection of things is quick expansive. The problem is my Mom likes everything super clean and she'll throw all my stuff away and I just freak out and start to cry.

Out of curiosity, what are the things you keep in your bag?