I Joined This Group Because...

- I sometimes maraud around my dormitories as "The Socialist Ninja".  I'll take my shirt off, wrap it around my head, and draw a hammer and sickle on my stomach.  I have been caught several times.

- When asked if I ever want children in my life I go into a five to ten minute rant of how I'll produce the perfect son.  The stories usually revolve around how I'll feed my pregnant wife growth hormones and Mamba venom to harden the fruit of my loins.  The short version; if all goes well my son will explode out of my wife after three months, (fully grown with several tattoos), kill the doctors so I won't have to pay those annoyingly high medical bills, sweep me off my feet and drive me home. I'm not a misogynist ladies. 

- I've realized I have a true affinity for villains of old (the world conquest type). After much thinking I've formulated a plan to conquer either Disney World or Word of Warcraft (one of those weaker fictional currencies) and slowly work my way up.

What about you guys?

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1 Response Jan 7, 2009

Rick thanks for becoming a fan of OzzyWozzy who cant think why you did? You are humorous and an obvious oddity so OzzyWozzy will become a fan of yours if youre up for it