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any other ulster scots out there im northern irish of scots desendancy i have bells irwins irvines as in family names most interesting is that my great grandmother was a west supposedly related to the john west salmon family from ayrshire ive passed the place many times on my visits to Scotland but never really researched the connection.
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also good folks and music

my son plays the bagpipes

the scotland and ulster are 2 beautifull countries good food good whisky good beer

scotland and ulster 2 beautifull countries good whysky and good beer

yeh very good folks

thanks for the interesting comment. did u know that davy crockett and jim bowie were ulster scots im sure thyr parents were from london derry way up in the north of ireland i think it was bowies kin were from there.

I`M 100 PROOF SCOTCH, I know it`s Scottish but tha is what I tell people. My mother come from Scotlandand my dads parents came from Scotland. My mothers name was own but she told me her family name was Robertson the oldest royal name in Scotland. My dads name was MacIntyre and I beieve that they were bakers in Perth in the early 1800s. My mother was born in Grangemouth Sterlingshire ner Glascow, I still have family over there and one day I would love to visit. I had a cousin that lived on Loch Ness and he may still live there. Another cousin lives in Kirkauldy or at least he did.

u are pure scottish love ya

my family originated in Argyle

lots of canadians have scottish roots

we came over to settle and open up Canada ..I am very proud of that.. I have researched my tree to the late 1700

thats wonderful i travel there a lot

Well, quite an educational study for a poor American here. Thank You Ms. Flamingo for starting this thread, amazing what one can gleam from a few comments.

look up the ulster scots a lot eventually emigrated to america

No offence dude. There is not even 65 million people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland put together, Check out the latest government census. Lets face it. If it is anyone doing the sponging its the English off the Scots. Why do you think they want independence? So they do not have to prop up the British economy with their oil. Still hundreds of billions of pounds of oil and gas left in the North Sea. That's Why English politicians are bending over backwards to accommodate Scotland. Because when Scotland is gone so is the all that money. For someone that claims to be a proud Englishman you seem to have a very poor grasp of the English language. Go get yourself an education and stop spouting out ill informed racist shite. Yeah, I'm a *****. Good day to sir and say hello to the other chimps in the zoo for me.

well said hes prob a bnp member cant belive soemone could comment that soemone could look a particulr race in this day and age celts are supposed to be red haired and pale c he didnt take in any of the romany thing maybe i dont look english enough

In your opinion. Are Ulster-Scots different from Irish-Scots?

no they were the desecendants of the scottish plantationers who came to ulster from scotland initially and then went to america due to persecution of the presbyterians just anothe r name for northern irish folk thanx for the interest

You are most welcome. Lol. Brucie

well i wish more ppl would include the northern irish in this group. thanks brucie,