A Rare Phenomenon!

I work for a State University and faculty are a different breed all together.  They might be out of the planet smart in their field but many times they are unable to understand simple procedures!

Well, I have an employee who I believe has been sent to me to help me develop patience and restrain.  This young man is a book smart individual, but is totally incapable of grasping the simplest concepts. To top it all up, he will argue his point all the way to the end....EVEN THOUGH there is hard evidence that he is is in the wrong!

Every single day I ask the higher powers to help me control the urge to SLAP HIM SILLY the next time I see him standing in my doorway....knowing that we will go around in cicles for fifteen minutes over something that takes an average human being two minutes to understand.

Again, I KNOW he is in my life for a reason....I just need to LEARN whatever it is I am meant to learn from him and MOVE ON while I have some sanity left in me!

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Dec 2, 2009