My Experience With Klonopin

When I visited a psychiatrist for the first time in almost 20 years my anxiety level was off the charts I could barely breathe I was a wreck not to mention that I was also depressed.  He prescribed me some medication among them Klonopin, 2 mg a day.  I didn't knew about the side effects until a couple of days later and I got scare but at the same time it was the only medication that took away the anxiety.  after 4 weeks of taking it I decided to quit using it because I didn't want to become dependent on it.  I went cold turkey and I did it.  I have been free from more than I week now.  My anxiety level is about the same although I don't feel the shortness of breath as often as before which is a good thing.  I always carry Klonopin with me just in case but until now I haven't had a need to take it.  That does not mean that I have not been tempted to take it but I'll see what happens when I return to my office on Tuesday.

UPDATE - It was a complete disaster I am back on Klonopin my anxiety is driving me crazy.

4/1/09 UPDATE  I only took it for a day or two but I am off it again.

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I have been off Klonopin for almost 2 weeks now. I have been prescribed 1mg 3xs per day and have been on the prescription for about six years. Klonopin has ruled my life and I cant take the addiction of it anymore. I feel like I am in hell right now. My thoughts spin all the time, I am in a lot of physical pain, all the muscles in my body ache badly, I have the urge to spit all the time because there is an increase of saliva...I know this is gross but I have to be honest!! I also shake out of my control and have twitches. My chest is tight all the time. I don't have enough energy to do much of anything. I am depressed and Its making me not even care to take care of even the basic needs of life! I know if I tried hard enough, I could simply call my doctor and get a refill for Klonopin but I hate being on it and sometimes taking to much when I am stuggling. Then I run a three to four days or so before I can get it refilled. I can believe in that short period of time how awfull and Scary it feels to not have it and withdrawls came the next day of not having it. I got to keep fighting this and staying off of klonopin so I am not living my entire life depending on a drug that makes me even worse. I'm questioning if I keep fighting this and keep living in literally hell or quick fix and no anxiety and get a refill for klonopin! I want to kick this and continue not to take klonopin but I feel like I am torturing my mind and my Body?? I would love to hear others opinions who have or is going through similar experiences!.....

Hi, i wish you well, I'm on Cipralex 20mg per day and it works good for me. Unfortunately it'll take time for u to get the correct medicine and dosage. Good luck<br />
<br />
Thinking of u

Hey, I hope your meds get evened out... I'm on Zoloft and at least for now it seems to be working pretty well for me. I wish I could control my depression naturally, but I'm so thankful for anti-depressants.