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i am offended by avatars . my mother was overweight and hurt herself medically by trying to loose weight . these avatars are wrong and should not be on Ep.

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

**** those who post such avatars! We live in a society that's obsessed by how good & thin someone looks. It's a sad & harsh reality. I always have LOT'S of colorful/brutal language waiting for those who make fun of someone's appearence!


in an ideal world, we wouldnt have anything that offends anybody. .. but i guess its just not how it works :/ i guess there is nothing to stop them unless they are specifically aiming it at someone in particular and then it would be refered to as bullying.

Hallo, TwitchyTwitch! I've never seen an avatar that makes fun of overweight people, and I'm overweight and sensitive too!