That question is always some variation of;
"As it's online, do you bother following His instructions?"
"Do you lie a bit and tell Him you've done something when you actually didn't have time?"
"Do you ever feel you can't be bothered to do it, and just pretend that you have?"

And the answer is quite simple - of COURSE i follow His instructions! What the hell would be the point in being an online submissive if i just used it as an excuse to be lazy about it? That would just be some kind of kids' game - and i'm not into that. i submitted to Him because i wanted to - because i needed to. i am still submissive to Him because i WANT and NEED to be.

i withheld information for a while, and that was seriously wrong because it was something i either should have told Him immediately or shouldn't have been doing without permission (and i won't be doing it again!) But i don't LIE to Him - that would invalidate the whole D/s thing which is based on TRUST - yes, even ONLINE!
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Why lie? It just creates problems and continues to become more and more convoluted. It is much more easy to just be honest. and the relationship will be better for it.
Thank you!!