That Steering Wheel Again

I got into the car after a good lunch, nothing fancy or huge, just a third-pound burger with all the fixings and a pile of crispy fries. I felt great. I could have eaten another one, but I didn't. My belly nudged the steering wheel as I climbed in, so I tried sliding the seat back. It was all the way back. I pushed myself a ways further into the seat, and there was room, just barely. My index finger wouldn't fit between my gut and the steering wheel, so I must have put on some weight. Maybe if I'm really full my gut will stay in contact! I gotta get a half gallon of milk and see what happens when I'm fully bloated.
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

This sounds awesome and is also inspiring.

Did you?

Haven't tried that yet, but each time I drive my belly flirts with the wheel. Now every time I use the brakes, it rubs the steering wheel, and I have to sit as far back as I can to get a finger between my gut and the wheel. --HXTP

Must feel awesome?

I love it! I need to measure empty and completely full again. --HXTP


Lots of fun!

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