Anonymous Confession

My GF had asked me whether I liked the xxxx we had together
..I loved the experience but there was a tag behind my thoughts .
I wanted to have 69 with her to lick her cxxt and widen the vaxxxa with my tongue.
..she considers that dirty and impure as that was not what God had made the sex for .
.and Refused to lick my precum too.,even touch the hottie
Telling her honestly had a devastating effect as I have lost her now .
vimkha vimkha
31-35, M
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I pursued a girl in college that I met, and went to her human sexuality class with her. She was hot, sexy, and I couldn't wait to get her in her apartment alone. The day finally arrived and we were alone, and soon we were in her bedroom, naked. She wanted to ****, but I wanted to enjoy the taste of her first. She would have nothing to do with oral sex, giving or receiving and said it was dirty. i tried my best to convince her to at least let me go down on her, but she wouldn't let me. We ******, but that was the last time we got together. There was no way I could enjoy time with a woman that didn't enjoy oral sex.

Sex is a big part, you must be compatible in that category, the split was good.