Sleep Just Doesn't Help....

It seems like no matter how much or how little sleep I get, it's never enough. I am always tired, feel sluggish, and am constantly yawning throughout the day. My body always feels sore and bruised from tossing and turnign throughout the night. SOmetimes, I wish I could just sleep for days and wake up ready to conquer the world, ya know? The doctors say something is wrong with me, and that I have a sleeping disorder, but I refuse to go to some hospital,a nd let people watch me sleep to properly diagnoise me. That's ****** up. I hate the thought of people watching me sleep, including my fiance. But that is besides the point. Anyways, being tired all the time is starting to have bad side effects. I wait tables, and it just looks bad to be yawning all the time. I get these horrible headaches that last for hours and some even days. I get delireiously tired when I do get tired, like right now. I am SOOO tired, but cant sleep, so I will sit here all night until I eventually pass out at the computer, and my fiance wakes me up when he gets home from work. This really ******* blows.
LadyRant LadyRant
22-25, F
May 27, 2007