One Thing After Another

Well some ppl think i have lived a sheltered life, that may be true in some aspect but let me tell you i have experienced more car wrecks that i wanted to be a part of! I was ina car that rearended a truck, I wreck my 1969 chevy pick-up twice, had a head on collasion, been rearended while driving a van, ran over a wooden fence while driving a van, backed into a park car while driving a delivery van, and l pray its the last rolled a Ford Explorer. I never was allowed to spend the night with any of my friends, i did not play any kind of sports, was not allowed to be in the band @ school. So needless to say i had no freinds, or close friends, that i could ask questions to and share things with like others in my class @ school. Felt alone then and Still feel alone now.

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Feb 19, 2010