I'm A Young Old Man.

Most of my good friends are over 50. I'm 32. It has always been this way. when I was 9, I smoked my first ciggerette with a teenager, he was 16. I thought he was a giant, I remember telling him that is must be really cool to be a teenager. He said yeah, way cool...My first (and only) dog was 92 (dog years) when I got him at the age of 13. My first love was a senior in High School, when I was in year 10. My first lover was 21 when I was 17. My best beer buddy was 67 and lived next door when I moved into the house next door..he had a software controlled brewery...miss that guy. I always prefferd to play cards with the parents instead of watching movies with the kids when my relatives would come over. I always seem to chat up older women at the bar, rather then women my own age....this worries me some. If I find the 'one' will she be 'over the hill'? I think I am fated to not have children, but then I don't think I could understand a child at any rate. I am 32, but I sometimes think I have a real old soul.
MrNotReallySerious MrNotReallySerious
31-35, M
May 15, 2012