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I feel this group describes me well. I certainly FEEL both young and old....often simultaneously!

I'm young at heart. I've never really felt my age, which perhaps stems from the fact that a lot of people perceive me as much younger than I am. Most days I still feel like a girl who's waiting to enter adult hood.

You'll find me sitting indian style on the floor more often than you'll find me sitting lady-like on the sofa. I still ride scooters and roll around in the grass with my kiddos. I still drink juice from a box and eat cheerios without milk. I'm usually the ONLY parent still climbing around on the equipment at the playground. I do long for those days I can relax on the bench with the other mothers, but I don't have the heart to deny my little guy when he asks me to "play" with him. I'm not complaining...I feel fortunate that I'm still young and healthy enough to keep up with my boys while they're young.

Ironically, despite all this, some days I look in the mirror and wonder where the years have gone. I can see father time beginning to make his presence known....and right on my face of all places! lol. Since turning 36, I have started to see the beginning effects of being middle-aged, and while I don't feel I'm a vain person, I don't like it. I'm not ready to look or feel my age...I'm not ready to grow old no matter how "gracefully" the growth may be.

I guess I keep waiting to FEEL like a 36 year old woman, but I'm starting to wonder if that'll ever happen. Will I always feel young inside as my body continues growing older and older? In a way, I feel that my body is betraying me....but, perhaps it's my mind which deceives me.
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At 51, I still get to discover new things. It's when the world stops being new that you start to worry....

At the ripe old age of 41, I'm still out there on the playground with my 6 y/o son and playing super heroes with him. I've always been fortunate to look younger than my age. Although we can't reverse the aging process I think if we stay young at heart and mind that will shine through in your appearance

thanks...I know my kids def keep me in shape. Once they're older I'll probably actually have to exercise - Blah! lol :)

I was 33 when I married for the first time, 35 when I had my first child, 38 when I had my second. I was the only 41 year old parent sliding through the tunnels and climbing the nets with my kids. (in your mind) tell disapproving Mrs. Grundy to go take a flying leap. One of the things we are here on this planet to do is to have fun. Sometimes the opportunities are few and far between. When it doesn't hurt anyone, take all the joy you can out of life.

thank you...and what an awesome avatar :D

You are definitely not alone on this one, I am 40 and act like a kid whenever I am around my nieces and nephew, trying to show my nephews friends that the old man can still move like an 18 yr old and shoot some basketball with them, and of course I am in pain and sore as can be the very next day. Ouch!! :)

lol...I love that you can let loose and be a kid. Thanks for sharing :)

I think the stess of not being in a loving relationship ages us more that anything we do! If you have someone that loves you and you love them and you both really feel it i think you can stay and feel young forever!

If you think you're beginning to feel it at 36 think I feel at 41, in a wheelchair and deaf lol!<br />
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lol....good point sweetie ;) xo