My Toy Projector


   When I was about eight years old My gran bought me a childrens slide projector for Christmas made first by Chad Valley and then later by Kenner. I never realised what a popular toy this was until I mentioned it to other people recently and discovered they had all had one too. I got mine in the days when most people still only had black and white televisions so to see pictures from our favourite TV shows up large and in full colour was almost as exciting as a trip to the cinema. My sister and I would often build camps too and then sit inside with a plate of biscuits and the projector having a film show.
The one I was given was Walt Disney, but there were several specifically themed sets for really popular shows like Batman, Thunderbirds, Dr Who and even Tom and Jerry.

   Years later when I got my first proper camera I begun buying slide film and take my own slides of holidays and anything I thought might look good on a big screen thanks to that entertaining little toy.
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This is 224 ways of awesome! :)

Hehe thanks hon :)