Often tell me that I am too young to feel this way or I shouldn't be worried about that at my age. I don't know why people say this so much, its just simply logical to me the way I see things in the world. Most things are right there out in plain sight but I think people are too caught up in themselves and there own lives and look beyond. Perhaps its my lack of what others would call a life that leaves me with all this free time to ponder the why and the hows of the world. Maybe its a little of both. Tired and rambling now.
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lots of people tell me I am too old to behave in such a fun loving free spirited and playful way, I guess they just never mannaged to subdue my inner child. yipeeeeeeeee

Ever heard the ex<x>pression "it's not the quantity it's the quality?" I believe this applies to an individuals life experiences & knowledge taken from those experiences whether they be good or bad. I know many people who've had more life experiences in their first 16 years than most people will ever have. It is most unfair & narrow minded to make the assumption that simply because someone is younger than oneself, that they have no life experience or comprehension of the world they live in. I am 37 and this still happens to me! People have no idea the nightmare my life has been & have no right to make such comments. It is very foolish.

I am always being told that I shouldn't worry about certain things because I am too young to fully understand them. I understand things like money, bills, jobs, and society perfectly well, but apparently since I'm a younger person, my opinions don't count. I think it's terribly unfair to anyone like myself. We're not children; we get it. People shouldn't underestimate what some of us may know about the world.

I hate it when people tell me that I'm too young to be feeling something. Whether its love or hatred, I dont think that emotions are restricted to any age limit. <br />
I agree with you that sometimes people are too caught up in themselves.