Still Too Young To Care

I wear my miniskirts in winter.  I own my own saxophone.  I wear my high heels on escalators.

I date men too old, women too young, and boys too committed. 

I eat my lamb pink in the middle and I dance alone in the lobby of restaurants.  I go out without a scarf, and I walk barefoot in the snow at least once a year. 

I sleep naked and shower with clothes on.  I run outside in the pouring rain and spin in giant circles on the grass. 

I ride in cars with boys and start drinking with breakfast. 

Because it's FUN.

RascallyRabbit RascallyRabbit
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15 Responses May 26, 2011

today ? i raced the bus with my knitting needles and made two teenaged boys actually interested in needlecraft. i was working pretty quickly if i do say so myself. i even put two buttons on a finished piece.<br />
<br />
i bought tights in a store in the mall from a tall blonde curly-headed woman who compared legs with me to help me choose the size. i did NOT hate that moment.<br />
<br />
i ate my supper looking across at a kid who was biting his sandwich at the same time as me... and with the same ferocity. it was a beautiful moment that ended with giggles and lots of napkins.<br />
<br />
um... that's all i can think of.... oh ! i held the door for a man who wouldn't go through it because he was raised in an age when that just wasn't done, and his daughter saw me and smiled... it made me feel good.

FUN is too often under-rated.<br />
<br />
Your own saxomophone? Mmmmmmmmmmm.

lol yeah it's beautiful, too. gold finish with lots of gorgeous floral etching on the bell.

aww Ava... with pleasure, would I dance with you!! maybe we could do it in a snowstorm. tiny little sparkles dancing with us in the air....

*dance of happy*

How do i see my recommendations? I have no idea. Message me someone pls

Its good i like it

awesome! nice to finally meet you, smooches. I can't imagine a better introduction... i hope it rains!! = )

Good to know there's a bit of Belgium in your vicinity... : )

Gwanji your sense of self-sacrifice humbles us all.

we are anything if not unselfish caretakers of our world!

ooo maybe i should add that... showering by twos. It saves water, you know... good for the planet.

you are so much fun! i'll shower with you any time!

tonight i'm wearing my superheroine cape, lynz... come on along!

thanks, Vhcommo = )

Nice i like it