I Sometimes Wonder ...

I sometimes wonder if I've learned anything ...

If I look back over life experiences, and believe me at my age there are plenty to choose from, I like to track progress and see if I have actually matured and handle things any better than I did when I was younger.

Mostly I seem to fret about the same things and make a lot of the same mistakes I've always made.  I think they've become part of my personality to be honest.  One thing that REALLY annoys me about me is the way I will hesitate to confront a difficult issue.  I will often wait until the last minute to raise a subject with someone, if I know it's going to cause a problem.  Then, it becomes an even bigger problem of course, because springing that surprise on them (whatever it may be) makes it a hundred times worse. 

The number of times I've done this in my personal and professional life are many.  It really does irritate me and everytime I do it and then have to face the inevitable consequences, I tell myself that I really MUST NOT do it any more.  It's got me into trouble many times.

I've conquered a lot of other personal issues though, it's not ALL bad ... haha ... and overall I don't beat myself up over my failings.  I am of course, practically perfect in every other way ... :D
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*sits down with a box of chocolate and hands it to ya*....I have been known to do this same thing.....more then once...twice or even a million times.... Having some chocolate is the cure..not so much to the problem but it takes the sting out of the annoyance the problem can produce.....
*nibbles another piece * hugs.... If it weren't for an occasional flaw Blissy... your bright perfection would blind us all!!! :D

**takes a chocolate** thanks sierra, I suspect you're right about chocolate being the ideal therapy. not so sure about the perfection hon ... but thanks for the compliment anyway ... :)

Folks never see themselves in the light others do. I guess in some ways that's good cause it keeps us humble but in other ways maybe we could all use a good dose of others opinions.... just to see how well we have done.... hugs... :)