I Have Old Fashioned Values About Love

i think that too much is being destroyed in the world today and innocence and blushing love and men being the hero are good things

I want a prince to sweep me off my feet... I want to feel like a princess with my man

and I want him to give me his love and protection and be brave for me

I want a man who is warm hearted and strong and committed to loving me

once a guy knows I love or like him I like him to be the pursuer really... cuz I have been hurt too many times now

where I have pushed my neck out for guys only to be badly burnt and hurt

I have been let down by men and forced into sexual roles I didn't want

I have been made fun of and pushed around... I want a guy who will fight for my honor too

I want a man who is cute and warm and clever and charming

and has a little style and confidence...

I want a guy who will not hurt my heart or body

and who wants to have babies and a family life

I am sick of being the pawn in others cruel games ...

people like russel, and keith and joyce and my relatives all hurt me

ken hurt me deeply also... I want a man who will tell my relatives and joyce

where to FFFF-OFF and treat me right

I want a guy who will give me his heart and soul and not play me for a fool

as rick and ken did and others ...

I wish i was a teen again and I could have the cutest hair and have tea parties and

cocktail parties that were really fun and were people were actually happy

and were I was not dying inside... hurting so bad...
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Mar 16, 2011