How It Comes

It comes from a limitless circle
Arrives as this dance
This celebration
This enchantment into who you are
Who we are

And we are this one universal
Let loose into this vibration that reaches a stillness at infinity
And Illumination rises the day
To a brand new age

December the 21st 2012
You are the echo that blooms
The bloom that echoes
Every miracle

Instantaneous revelation
Instantaneous reaction
To the place that could and is

The Place of Buddhahood
How a miracle

And I could see from the distance
A shimmer of hope

I look to the sun lit screen and
It is You my Love

Ever after ever now

Don't tell me I have to
So I don't rebel

Let's be now
Let's be wow

Let's be in this clarity
So sublime

PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
26-30, M
Dec 9, 2012