Not By Much

I am a shade older than 25.  My 28th birthday will be coming up in the new year.  What amazes me is how my thoughts about age have changed over the years.  For example, ten years ago I thought 30 was old.  Now that I am near 30 myself I see that it is still pretty young.  Most of my friends are in their thirties.

Age is just a number.  However, I sometimes wish that I had not wished my life away in high school and college.  I used to tell my parents how I could not wait to graduate from high school and college.  Well, those days flew by and now that I am an adult I realize how easy I had it as a kid. 

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1 Response Dec 20, 2007

I did the same thing!I always used to wish I was an older, sophisticated woman and now I'm older and like, now what? I work with young(early 20's) people and they can never guess my age(or so they say)but I feel I'll probably have a melt down when I hit 40-4 years from now..wait I still feel like the same dork with Motley Crue posters all over her walls!!