I Am Not A Kid!

I am short and petite. I have been wearing size 1 & 3 pants and extra small/ small shirts for years! People saying I look 12, 15, 16 and like a kid...Omgoodness I am 18 about to turn 19!
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I am 5'1 and 46 years old with three children (21, 20 &16 years old). People think I am younger than what I am and at times think they're talking to a kid or something. There are situations where I've had to "check" someone about the manner in which they approach me because they think I am that young.<br />
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Then there are times when someone will ask how old I am and I tell them. They then say "oh your just a baby" WTH??? Just find that disrespectful and somewhat belittling. No babies here......


babydoll ive got a moderatly problem solver most guys dont worry about the size of your breasts and my problem is opposite to yours im 14 and people say i look 16 b and i could be 25 and look around 35 so it sucks

I know right babydoll my mom is 38 and she looks young they be thinking she in her 20s! & Angel 1995 ohh my I wonder how it's gonna be when I get older!

Iam always asked for my ID and Iam 25 i do get bad looks in public or my BF dose