Diet Happy!

So I've tried a million diets and they never really worked. i did loose 60 pounds once but i gained all but 10 pounds back. i have created my own diet this time and i am ready for change. instead of loosing pounds ( though i want to) i am focusing on getting healthy. i am eating better foods and less of them. i am making sure to get my vitamins and only around 1700 calories a day. i am loving this way of improving my body because . . . MY FOOD STILL TASTES GOOD!!!!!! i love the types of food and that i don't feel hungry. i actually feel like I'm eating more than ever with my two snacks a day and three solid meals. i feel great and i already feel a difference in myself. i have a total of 80 pounds i want to see gone but i am not limiting myself on time. as far as i am concerned it can take 40 years if it wants. i am happy how i am and i want to be healthy. i am setting goals and rewards for myself. for example when i get to my halfway point i am going to get a new bathing suit and hitting the beach. when i reach my 80 pound goal i am going shopping for new clothes (something I've always dreaded but i don't think i will when i can find more that fit) i am ready for a change in myself so i can be happier, healthier, and have more energy to have more fun!

today is 5-6-12 and i weigh in at 250 pounds. i am 5'8" and 19 years old. I CAN DO THIS!!!
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Hi good luck to you I know how you feel I too am overweight and I have been for along time ive lost over 160lbs and then over time ive gained it back plus 40 more im now alot bigger than i ever was and its harder to lose the weight now. I am currently weighing in at 475lbs and I havnt been watching what I eat so who knows I could be larger.