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Im 15 years old and chunky. Im sick of not being comfortable in my own body and ive never really been heavy before this past year. My eating habits are really bad my whole life i would eat like a **** load of junk food every day, fast food, chips, soda etc. I stayed at a normal weight until this year it started to catch up with me. Im really disgusted with my current weight. Ive never really been on an official diet before I would try and eat healthy but it would only last for a couple days until i was back to my old gorging habits. My pe teacher told me i was four pounds over a healthy weight ! that was my wake up call. So ive started dieting about two days ago. My family isnt really supportive and sometimes my mom forces me to eat fatty foods ! I was wondering what some easy to make healthy meals would be ? Or like a daily plan of healthy food to eat. What is the most healthiest food and which food appears to be healthy but really isnt ? My goal is to loose like 30 pounds or something. I just got a gym membership today and attended a really fun zumba class today. I live really close to the gym and can walk to it so i plan to go five days a week for at least an hour and whip my fat *** into shape ? any advice for dieting would be greatly appreciated (; 
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I lost alot of weight just by not drinking soda at all. Instead I drank those crystal light powdered mix drinks. There are so many flavors that I never craved soda at all.

Well,i would see an actual dietitician to see where your weight is at exactly and to see how much you can lose and stay healthy,because if your pe teacher said you were only 4 pounds overweight but you would like to lose 30,that sounds alittle bit too much to me,especially since your still a growing young lady.Please take my advice and see a dietitician asap! And when you do just drink more water,less soda and juices,eat less chips,candy and fried foods eat lots more fruits and veggies (you can eat unlimited amounts of them!) and exercise about 30 mins a day 3-5 times a week! But be sure not to strain yourself too much! Hope i helped! Good luck! :)

Also, I forgot to mention- salads are good, but look at the nutrition info and ingredients in salad dressing before you put it on your salad. At restaurants, ask for the dressing on the side, so you can put it on yourself and have control over how much you use, and the croutons might not be the best choice. Also, drink water, not soda!

Hmm well, my sister is diabetic, so I might can help you out a little, not sure how much, but whatever. ; ) I'm going to try and just make a little meal plan thing-<br />
<br />
Breakfast- I would do some fruit, or maybe some wheat toast, light on the butter. But don't skip meals, it's shown that weight loss is easier if you do eat. Another good option is low far yogurt. <br />
<br />
Lunch- well, I would do a peanut utter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread, maybe with some fruit or raisins? Stay away from grilled cheese sandwiches, way too much butter and fat. <br />
<br />
Snacks- again, I know I've said this a lot, but fruit! : ) I might also do yogurt, or check stores fir some protein bars or 100 calorie snacks.<br />
<br />
Dinner- I'm not really sure on this one, since your mom probably does dinner. If they order fast food, eat something similar to lunch.<br />
<br />
Well, I know it's not the best, but I hope it helps some. I'll look for some recipes and things like that for you. Oh, another idea- strawberry banana smoothie- just use low fat yogurt, strawberries, and bananas in the blender!