I Am On Diet Currently And Having Tough Time With It :/

I'm 18,5'1 and 210 lbs.I've been overweight all my life:( I have spina bifida which makes it very hard to walk,run or even stand! So i'm basically forced to sitting all day,i also having a tough time with my willpower to not eat too much,i looooove food! I've been on countless diets,the last time i had success on a diet was in '09 i lost around 40 lbs in 6 months and i was doing very good until i had back to back surgeries and stuff and i stopped my diet which was really stupid and gained all my weight back plus some! If anyone has had success doing something or has same problem(s) as me such as having spina bifida while dieting and losing weight please contact me on my formspring,my username is LukeBryanFan18,i might not respond immediately,but i will asap!!!! I promise! Thanks:)
lukebryanfan94 lukebryanfan94
18-21, F
May 17, 2012