It Comes And Goes: Willpower

I was doing great. I was motivated like no other time in my life. I hired a nutritionalist and a personal trainer. I was 100% compliant. It had been a month. The results were frustrating and disappointing. I put my whole energy into it. Without seeing a lot of progress I slowly lost my motivation to keep trying so hard. Week six into it and I dropped to 85% compliance. Of course saw less results. Now I'm at week 10. In the last week I dropped to 40% compliance. Now I struggling to push back to 100% focus and compliance. What is most difficult for me is to know I put a solid 6 weeks into it with 100% compliance and it yielded painstakingly slow results. Here are my options:
1) do what I was doing but reset my expectations to be slow.
2) change what I was doing watch my expectations.

Not quit sure which path I'll take. But one things for sure, "not trying" is not an option! And that is an empowering thought just in itself.
Oohlalajustmoi Oohlalajustmoi
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

Everyone's body is different, you should listen to your body more than other people.

And sometimes results are happening in your body but you don't see them on the scale.

I just follow a very simple diet I found online.

I googled simple diet plan to lose weight.

I used this diet blueprint and I bought a food scale.
I cook my food and pack it in the fridge in single serving bowls for three days at a time, and carry a lunch bag to work.

I did modify one meal, lunch. I may eat a subway sandwich or a subway salad instead of the meal plan twice a week at work.

And with the app, I have lost 11 pounds in one month.

I know it is very frustrating to work hard and not see results. I say try something different!