Diet Blah

I started my diet yesterday. I am just keeping close track of my calorie intake. I am addicted to Pepsi and Coke. But I have been doing good only drinking 1 cup a day. And I have now subsituted soda for ice tea with splenda. Lol But for me that is good. I could drink a 24 pack of pop a day. So I think I am doing very well. hehe
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5 Responses Jul 24, 2007

I used to drink tonnes of it. I found real coffee and gradually the addiction went away. I think it wrecked the acidity in my tummy.

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I agree with you 100 percent!!! I'm addicted to Coca Cola. I can drink a 2liter of it a day. Giving up pop for me is the hardest thing about losing weight because pop is so good, but it keeps you bloated. Pop is my weakness. :)

Try Lipton's diet green tea. It's got antioxidants in it so it's good for you! It's what I drink. I went cold turkey from diet sodas to drinking all green tea and water all in one day. I have never looked back since. It's tasty and it's good for you!<br />
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Tea has free radicals and some think that it is very good for you. A good substitution if you must have one :-)