Higher Pitch

I have always been on a different wavelength. A higher pitch that few can hear, it made me an outcast during my school years - a celebrity and defining icon of an Ivy League campus during my Wawa tenure. It was hell because you get taught to ignore it, I jumped into acting classes in a bid to become anyone else but who I was. Took a while to accept it - ironically, going to a school for the emotionally disturbed did wonders for making me see the true value of my gifts. Oddly enough we bonded under this singular concept of all of us being ticking timebombs. All of us on high strain not focused on petty **** but we were going to survive the next 12-24 hours. So what does this frequency entail? Empathy on so powerful a bandwith that it is all but impossible to ignore, no shame -  the ability to dance and express myself without caring for the ridicule I may receive. It involves much more: loneliness, oppression, alienation, frustration, rage, lust, pain. This is my wavelength and so few have the courage to ride it.

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Feb 28, 2010