I'm Getting Rid Of All My Addictions

ever since I was a young kid I have always had addictions in some form in my life. I mean hell I was born from two addicts. My father is a recovered alchoholic/drug addict and my mom is a heavy gambler/ cigarette smoker. Shoot my granny even suffers from cocaine addiction today. As a kid my first addiction was video games. I loved them,played them all day every day infact. Didn't really focus in school because my mind was clouded by the pleasure I got from it. when I became older (around 14) I discovered ************. When I say I'm 19 now and have been ******* off ever since I mean it. in highschool I discovered weed and smoked it heavy. Recently I have been praying and god has helped me to 1 month without pot and I feel great. Now I am abstaining from ************. I feel like everything is falling into place because gods in my life now. I hear a lot of guys go through ****/************ addiction and they say when they stop testosterone gos up and you stop lusting over every woman you see.its a rough journey but god has me now.
Cappyfreshman Cappyfreshman
May 16, 2012