My Mission Is To Love

In everything I do is out of Love for God and for you. I will do my best for Him each, and everyday. I will go where He wills. I love to work, and do wonderful acts of love for Him, and to all that I help there. My mission is also to work for world love and peace throughout the world. This is why I try to help so much on EP here. I studied a lot from great teachers so that I could give a lot back to those who do not know. When people see me, I hope that they see a loving image of Jesus. I have worked for God my whole life, and there is still a lot more I want to do. like loving you. I want to fill the world with the joy and love of Christ, filling the world with Godly Holy Love!
Alicehath Alicehath
56-60, F
Jan 16, 2013