Manic Depression Gave Me a Job

I was always a "Bound For Fun, Sworn To None" kind of reptile; sex, drugs, rock & roll was more than just a slogan - it was a philosophy.  I breezed through life like a leaf skimming across a pond - aloof, apart.  Manic Depression changed all that.  It put me to work.  Now I derive self-respect, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose from helping others understand this vicious killer, helping those who have it, and chipping away at the walls of ignorance and fear that surround it.  It's nice to have work one cares about - work that can actually help others.
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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6 Responses Jul 14, 2007

As ever, CG, several steps ahead of me. Alligators are better known for being sly - than shy - it's an unwise poodle than confuses stealth for shyness.

Have you ever seen an alligator blush shyly and struggle for something to say? Thank you CG - you are an ace. -- Several years ago I was at a meeting, (the kind of meeting I'm not supposed to talk about), and one of the scariest looking dudes I've ever seen in my life said, "I just want to be one of God's employees." That image was seared onto my brain. Aluminum hard hat, aluminum lunch pail, work books - showing up on time and punching the clock - looking up at the foreman(woman) and asking - "What do you want me to do today?" This attitude has taken me to some odd places, as you might imagine - but as long as I am helping somebody - however inconsequentially - there was a reason for me to get to up today. Rabazibby.

Wasn't it Napoleon who said, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Wow that is sooooo sweet

Thanks. There's an element of revenge to it as well. This disease seriously spanked me. By helping to defeat it, I'm hurting it back.

I love the fact that you are doing something with your experience with manic depression. Who could write about it better than a person who has experienced it first hand?Who else could give facts and advise better than a person who's been there and done that? GOOD FOR YOU - I really do commend you