Each Path I Learned

Two years ago I too started a new path,

Once I sat down and understood my lessons and accepted the outcomes and learned how to take those lesson with strive and Acknowledge my part  as well as others the outcome wasnt so bad.. It was a eye opener... Life has been nothing but pleasure and joyful's. since then  New people had enter my life and I've learned how to open that door just a little bit, It took time to learn how to open that door inch by inch but now I can say its opened and I am loving it..

Each path that came I had to learn how to walk on them , Accept each busies and each fall.. Life is good dont get me wrong I still fall ! I just learned how to get back up and keep it moving...

AlwaysWatching AlwaysWatching
41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I have followed the WICCAN path for over 20 years now and have found so much joy and enlightenment in the natural world around me. Great story..just keep with it and all will fall into place. Blessed Be.

amen and congrats. I have learned how to adapt a tad bit more to changing circumstances. I've always been the loyal individual that tries to understand and sticks around to try to change the outlook of other individuals forever and ever. I now realize I can only change me. I make positive suggestions and keep it moving. Great story!