the Woman I Am

i have found ny life to be a constant adventure in pursuit of so many things . but my chesrished dreams are yet to be. i  want to love like there is no tomorrow, settle down in my dream home, go parachuting and cradle a newborn in my arms  and fulfill my mission to help as many people as i can, that they may be the best they can be.  

i have loved and been loved, i have travelled and found peace in a sunrise,  tasted fine food and wine, dipped my feet in the ocean of love and hate and found love to be the warmest of all. i have succumbed to passion that i never thought i would, lived out  fantasies that sent me wild, but above all of this i cherished a man that needed to be loved.

in the midst of these discoveries i am finding the real me, sometimes reassuringly i find the women sometimes joyfully the child,  at times the devil and angel in me play together, other times the sinner is a reminder that i am human, but in the power of all these discoveries i see the real me dancing around, i realise i am all of these things, finding that comforting is knowing i have found me, and well yes i am happy to be all of these things.

happiness is excepting that i can be all things and never be afraid to admit it 

richlady richlady
41-45, F
2 Responses Sep 19, 2006

Great story! I am trying to rediscover myself again. I lost sight of my self and dreams during a 2 1/2 year relationship. I spent that time trying to be what he wanted me to be. It is my own fault for allowing it but now I want to find myself again. I vow not to let another relationship get in the way of that again. Your story is very inspirational! It really made me feel good after I read it.

That was Poetic and described every woman to a tee at some point of life! Thanx for describing me (and you) so wonderfully!