Sacred Journey To Wellbeing Log Entry 1

The date today is the 24 of July 2010.

Last night I went out to dinner with my wife and two very close friends. It was a lovely evening spent with friends, great food and wonderful conversation...little did I know I had just entered an incredible night of unendurable pain, deathlike convulsion and a torturous inability to sleep through it all.

Perhaps I need first to rewind the clock and give you some background.

I'm a 42 year old Maori man (Polynesian by genetic origin...with a few strands of Irish, English and Arabic to add to the exotic mix). In and of itself this isn't a particularly interesting fact until you look deeper into the statistics of polynesian health in this modern world.

We polynesians have high propensity toward obesity, diabetes, liver and kidney dysfunction and heart disease due to lifestyle.

Signfiicantly contributing factors to such negative stats is the ongoing impact of colonisation on our culture which still adversely accrues the negative impacts of exposure to the ravages of poverty and the impacts of inorganic diets so profitably made available to our society through fast foods and other alternatives to the once completely organic lifestyle our ancestors enjoyed...but despite these historical impacts I am not here to play the victim or to place blame...quite the contrary - I am fully accepting of the facts that we create the world we live in and I want this journey to be one founded on this universal principle - however it is informative to have the facts behind cultural lifestyle regarding nature versus nurture and the interplay of genetic tendency and environmental influences of ones lifestyle.

I have had the fortune of being one of the 1% of our Maori population who are classed as highly educated (I matriculated at university graduating with my masters in Environmental Resource Studies and Human Ecology). I am even in the smaller minority group of polynesians who enjoy a commensurate professional career as a health researcher earning very nicely thank you very much.

My first 30 years were spent in relatively highly athletic and active lifestyle...

the last 12 years have quite simply been a physical hell as I watched my body melt down into the heaving convulsing blob of pain I went to bed tortured by last night...

Recently I just recovered from the worst bout of winter induced cold malady I have ever experienced - as I grow older these winter induced illnesses are hitting me harder and harder until honestly 3 weeks ago I was ready to die...

since the last two years actually I have been waking up feeling like i'VE BEEN RUN OVER BY A TRUCK - every damn morning...sheesh give me a break - no matter how much rest I got I'd wake up like a thousand Sumo wrestlers had spent the night body slamming me - and the head aches,,,good lord of all that is graceful the head aches have been epic...I think I alone have kept the pharmeceutical industry afloat by the level of consumption of pain killers I take just to make it through the day...

and last night the coup de grace - my quadracep tendon tore from my patella which just happens to be a rare occurance and is exacerbated by factors of obesity, possible diabetes and gout (Oh did I mention I have gout - think of giving birth from your joints and times that by a thousand...thats the intensity of pain I get from gout - another condition related to my obesity...nice)...

Also its important to know my 65 year old father is on dialysis every other day, suffers obesity and is a cough away from giving himself a heart statistically and genetically I'm on a hiding to nothing...

or am I?

I'm 6'1" and prolly over 300 pounds (someone translate 160kg's into pounds). So I'm a big boy and in alignment with current trends growing...

I am bearing witness to my body manifesting the emotional and spiritual struggles I am having in life as the myriad of physical maladies I am experiencing now...

And I have come to the amazing point of crying out for help...

because clearly alone I have not been able to help myself - and as the old cliche goes - one cannot expect the different when one continues with the usual

So today having crawled out of my bed of a thousand Sumo wrestlers I was actually weirdly bouyed by my current state and checking my EP account and spiritually crying out for help when an EP angel pops on my chat thing and says hello...a long chat later we had discovered she was a Wellbeing and Health Coach and I was a basket case in dire need of her help...ha ha ha

So this group was inspired and created from that chat this morning with beachykeen and I plan to use it as a means to record my sacred journey to health and wellbeing...

You can expect this to be ecclectic, totally practical and useful and cross pollinating as I encourage your own experiences and knowledge and wisdom to share with everyone who like me wishes to create a pain free lifestyle free of dis-ease and fulfilling in all aspects of love, life, light and levity...

This meta-log will capture everyones helpful advice, and reflections, and encouragement and hopefully provide me with the creative expression to manifest my own imagination as I FEED my whole body with the organic food of healing nourishment and also my intellect and spirit with inspiration and aspiration.

come along with me as I begin my sacred journey to my restored wellbeing and health.

My first step is to seek professional advice re my knee and possible healing options

next is to clean out my cupboards of everything unhealthy

and purchase organic vege's, fruits and foods to begin my journy to restoring my healing body energies to kick start the healing process over the next month...

salmon spinach and blueberries anyone???

I end this meta-log enry with a poetic invocation to ritually call on the healing energies of self love, radiant positivity and healing levity and joy in walking this sacred journey...

Come ye sacred energies
of love
and light
and levity
made manifest
in radiating
Innovate this mortal inspiration
ignite the fire of
weaving a cocoon of 
gentle acceptance and allowance
and setting in place
the higher path to love,life and learning
a graceful changeling
herein I create
the I of me
in awesome
I am loved
I am light

it is as I have dreamed
41-45, M
20 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Thank you Sunnyday...<br />
<br />
I no longer wonder why it took so long to start SD...I now accept thatit took me that long and am thoroughly enjoying my journey now without regret nor focus on time lost nor time left to live - all I have is this NOW...and it is amazing

Thank you for sharing. The journey to wellbeing is going to be wonderful experience you will wonder why did I wait so long to start. You are a brave man!

Your journey Anachel <br />
<br />
is one already created in your heart and already realised in your is the opportunity for all to accept the joy, happiness, appreciation and gratitude for having been blessed thus...<br />
<br />
one love A<br />
<br />

thank you for your and light xxxpureexxx

8FOOTDREAD,we are all brothers and sisters.I look for the simple things to awaken my spirit of love and healing for all.when a stranger smiles at you is that really a stranger?I am smiling at you all.I'm not real smart but I will always do my best to live a spiritual existence.

blessings EvesHarvest - I am no martyr but I know the pain is the source of much deep learning I needed to go through and heal...every day a lived and loved lesson...your support is appreciated.

I will hold and send out the very best thoughts for you and your journey. And I'm sorry you've had to go through so much pain!

salar1 - the process of writing has always been a healing process for me - and EP's existence allows me the privilege and honour to express myself and have wonderful human beings like yourself show your support in such a way as to bring strength to my journey...<br />
<br />
for this and for your support - I humbly give thanks and praises<br />
<br />
love and light to you a hundrefold

The confidence in your writing points to you having taken the first of many steps to a new self , i wish well on your journey ......

with great advice like this and good friends like you purplezen I can most definitely remain true to my path...<br />
<br />
deeply appreciated P<br />
<br />

It sounds as though you have all the determination and will to carry this through - which is always the most important tool to have with anything in life as well as this 'Sacred' and 'Wonderful' personal journey you are on. A few of the things which I have learnt in life in recent year's which I would pass on, are these:-<br />
Never give up, Always stay true to who you are and what you believe and when it comes to learning from mistakes - If you make a thousand mistakes along the way along that's still o.k. Just stay focused and on your path and you can't go wrong. These are the things in life which make you stronger and more wiser in the long run. Stay cool. :D

So deeply appreciated Francescanolonger and Omniel...light and love to you both

I wish you all the best in your journey towards a healthier life.

Yes kitti sleep apnea is a major issue - thankfully and luckily my sleep issues or lack thereof are directly due to my Dosha (go find out about ayurvedic Dosha's) not getting the daily physical other words - things that will help me particularly we who are kapha Dosha is a combo of good sweaty activity during day, getting up at sunrise - which means getting to bed early so no late night TV...and meditation and yoga that helps me balance my extremely active mind processes...and of course balanced diet...I know my headaches are due to lack of exercise and no more late night EP...unless they can develop a technology that makes typing each letter as physical as walking for 10 minutes...ha ha ha<br />
<br />
Your support is deeply appreciated Kitti

yes ..good for you .. dont let this momentum go .. keep up the drive to feel healthy and happy .. now just one thing that struck me .. one of my friends suffered from migraines and body aches every morning and did not know what it was .. he found out through testing that he had sleep apnea .. when he got the oxygen mask to sleep with .. to provide his body with the oxygen it was being deprived of .. his mornings changed ..totally ... no more headaches , fatigue or body aches...just wanted to say that... I am proud of you 8 foot and know you will do super .*runs and gives 8 a HUGE kitti hug* =-)

On a journey to health midnightmuse I can always benefit from good nutritious know what I mean...thanking you deeply

Sending you love, strength, and healing in your journey, 8FTD :)<br />
<br />
Warmest wishes always,<br />
<br />
~Museli :)

I find that small steps are a good way to change things. But if you can afford all organic and you and your wife are willing to feed you all sounds good to me. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing so much pain. I am sure that you will profit greatly from these resolutions. wishing you a better feeling day today. Peace brother dread ; )

BLESSINGS Omniel and FMF<br />
<br />

your kindness and encouragement facingmyfears tell me I am on a good path...I send you light and love FMF<br />
<br />