Sacred Journey To Wellbeing Log Entry 2

Blessings to you all who have expressed your support on my journey.

I have always been fascinated with those who climb Everest. I watch every documentary I can on Everest and read many Everest books. Once in my younger days when I could run around mountains I used to dream the dream of getting up there.

Life evolved according to my creative energies and voila here I am a 160kg man facing the possibility of diabetes due to my obesity and have significant physical issues with my body which is packing it in due my abuse of the sacred temple that it is.

So my this is the journal of my ascent in health and wellbeing - a journey that is going to require of me no less courage to partake in, but equal amounts of preparation, re-education, life-style change and some deep spiritual challenge...and thats just to get me to base camp - which I'm insinuating is returning my condition to levels of healthy wellbeing - from there the journey begins to the summit and won't end until I have returned to the spiritual home that is my full physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual Wellbeing.

Those who have climbed Everest or any mountain say its mot the mountain that is conquered but yourself...

I have no interest in conquering myself - but if there is anything to be conquered it is literally the lack of self love I have allowed myself to give myself up to now...

In a way I see people who climb Everest a those who 'love" what they are doing - and while sheer brawn might get you to the top I'm thinking it is nothing less than love that gets you home...

Symbolically I'm associating my journey to wellbeing and health with something requiring nothing less than ones utmost - and surely ones utmost is to give ones self their utmost love...

So to carry on with the analogy

to get to base camp I'm going to have to work towards balancing some important numbers

recent blood test shows the following;

My Cholesterol level is 4.8 mmol/L when normal is around 4...

thats to be expected given my current weight which is 160kg...ideally I'd like to fly in at a cool 100 or 110 kg's a year from now...(I'm 186cm or a hair over 6'1".

My Triglycerides are at 1.3 mmol/L where normal should be 1.7 so I'm down on that count

My HDL Cholesterol (THE GOOD FATS) is at 1.03mmol/L which is down a little from ideal which is a clean 1 mmol/L - so I need to up these good puppies...

My LDL Cholesterol (THE BAD FATS) is at 3.2 mmol/L and is higher than ideal which should be around 2.0 - so definitely need to lay off the fast foods and crap...

Cholesterol and HDL ratio is currently 4.7 which is 0.7 too high for the ideal straight 4.0

Now my glucose count at time of blood test results was 6.5 - thats a tad high - ok its too high as normal should fall between 3 and I have been caught out with the evidence of me being a total sweet tooth ****...this is actually more concerning to me and hence tomorrow I am off to do a more specific blood test to ascertain whether in deed I have type 2 diabetes or not ...

So the upshot is not surprising...

I need to increase physical activity and daily exercise...

I need to totally review my current eating habits and lifestyle introducing more appropriate food to level down glucose count and stabilise blood sugars while nourishing my body with more nutritious whole foods...

I am clearly getting that better stress management will help me considerably - meditation, massage, swimming, walking gently, participating in more creative and social activities playing music, creating art, attending concerts - anything and everything that increases fun and happiness...

Reviving my traditional ceremonies and rituals prayers and working on my inner light being as my elders taught me to...returning to responsibility and Response-Ability...

Living the Loving and Loving Living as I continue Learning and ascending the mountain of my health and wellbeing step by slow sure step.

Every campaign to summit Everest needs a sound plan and well founded methodology...

This is where I am going to use a combination of indigenous wisdoms I have learned from my own cultural wisdom as well as others that fit appropriately to help me ascend...

Kaylynn Two Trees 7 directions is a fantastic methodology that I have been working with for a few years now across several disciplines. While she uses it for her Comparative Listening work across the world I have been tweaking it to include my Maori the core principles are Kaylynn's while the fine detail comes from my traditions and I plan to use this wisdom to help myself ascend the mountain that is myself...

The seven directions Are made of 3 personal Directives/Directions plus the wisdom of the 4 cardinal Directions East, North, West and South.

Direction 1: The core self - ones center of being...and the core question here is to ask oneself "Who Do I Want To Become?"
Direction 2: Up, Above...The central query here is to research for oneself is "What Are the Challenges?"
Direction 3: Down, Below...The central query here is to resolve for oneself "How Are You Going to Face and Resolve these Challenges?"

Direction 4: East...Sacred symbolic direction of creativity, rising sun, new beginning. new ideas...inspiration
Direction 5: South...Sacred symbolic direction for information gathering, education, learning, research...aspiration
Direction 6: West...Sacred symbolic direction for Reflection, review, evaluation...meditation
Direction 7: North...Sacred symbolic direction where ACTION resounds - getting it

Using this template I will outline my strategic plan of approach to facing myself and ascending the mountain of my personal spiritual physical, emotional and social ascension to my fulfilled potential in health and wellbing...

As I write my log entries I will share with you each how I work towards achieving my personal goals using this 7 directions/directives template...

In my native language there is a proverb which says

Never give up...should you have to bow down...let it only be to the loftiest of Mountains.

I closet his entry on this note.

With love, light and levity

41-45, M
7 Responses Jul 27, 2010

...the top is achieved one step at a time...but remember - that is only half the journey - home is always the end point - but home is not a matter alone of moving in a place or a space but of the silent stillness found in the grace of love and acceptance deep inside oneself...that climb indeed is the mightiest we face...<br />
<br />
I am still...

Iagree lostchild, we are all to continue on our quest, just move forward is a good concept, yet hard to not get comfortable where we are in our comfort zone and safety For me I know that I need to continue to move further down my path, there is much to gain along the way and home is at the end. Meeting old friends, ancestores, beloved pets and anyone who just wants to come say Howdy! when I return to my true home.

I am still climbing, either I will find a way or make one! With the spark we have within us we can accomplish anything in this world!

You are a great teacher Kimberly<br />
<br />
Your story shall heal many and bring light where-ever shadow has oppressed those suffering pain's constraints

Your above comment was as deep and meaningful as the story about pain as a lesson. Many feel that they have reached enlightenment without pain and future hard lessons will be faced, for their own enlightenment. It wasnt many years ago, that I realized that any suffering and hardships I have and am going thru are for my own enlightenment and surviving them much easier with the wisdom gained from the previous hurdle, and gain more insight and understanding. The inner spirit is here to have a human experience, not glide thru because they feel they are to be above that law. We all have more to learn and wisdom to gain. When I do die of natural causes, I want to experience the pain if it is a painful cancer etc. That is part of life, that should not be covered up with pain medications, it is an important end to this lifes journey home.

Each day...each step...after the other...that is all we can ever just one step...<br />
<br />
Today as I sat in the freezing cold medical center waiting for my bloods for two hours my ankle just decided to blow out into a massive missile of excruciating pain of a severe gout attack - that was the ankle on the same leg which is trying to heal from blowing out my knee past week...<br />
<br />
Luckily I only live 5 minutes walk away from the medical center - but each step was like stabbing my self in my leg with a white hot blunt spear and rubbing broken glass into the pain just for good measure...<br />
<br />
It took me 30 minutes to get home...<br />
<br />
Lord but this pain is teaching me some fantastic lessons about myself...I embrace the lesson, bear down on the pain and keep my heart open and that I can share what light I can with you GLB and those of us who are on their sacred journies...<br />
<br />
alone I hurt<br />
connected I live, love and learn...

interesting reading --this following of your journey. Gives me strength to undertake a similar journey. Am too ahamed to go into details of my body and where it is at. Let it surfice to say that caring for me has not been priority. I am looking forwards to following this group.