Love And Affection

Today I walked along the beach in the rain loving the sheen of wet on wet rocks shaped by the ocean revealing their stoned souls and I got drenched with Joan Armatradings spiritual music...and then even I sang to the sea in my own voice and the waves sang back up

I was totally open to persuasion...


My Journey has a beautiful soundtrack to it made of soulful music of an eclectic kaleidoscope of beautiful artists - in fact today started with songs by Maria Callas - when I dropped my wife off back to work at lunch time I was listening to some blues and eventually by the time I got to the beach JOan had rolled up on my Mp3 player - it was magic...

This sacred journey to my long lived wellbeing is gonna take nothing less than the most beautiful music set to the mighty oceans backdrop on rainty days like today...

It was so empowering I've ended the day committing to a 40 kilometer bike ride in November - I begin a 15 week program end of this month one that is specific to beginners like me one that will get me started and more importantly get me to the finish line...

I can't wait - I'm gonna have to work diligently and with discipline and thats just organising the playlist for the ride ha ha ha...once we begin the program I KNOW the rest will just flow like the rain did joyously...

In my last email I talked about the 7 directions appropriate to my sacred journey...

The first direction is centered on who I want to become...

to that direction I make this statement...I want to become a fully engaged loving human being living his life to his fullest potential both personally and  communally, loving and learning

In future entries I will outline the remaining 6 directions emerging from this first inner heart direction.

Looks like I'm gonna bike my way to the base camp of my own personal everest...

with music, my family and great positive goals...I feel a wonderful set of months coming up.

joy to you reader


41-45, M
6 Responses Aug 4, 2010

[8foot humbly bear hugs 1fourU with all the star born heart he has...releases her and goes looking for his favourite carrot, apple, celery and ginger juice recipe - ha ha ha...]

Oh beautiful 1fouru...thank you so deeply very much - and to your journey in life I wish you all the joy and happiness your body, mind, soul, heart and spirit can harvest in the gorgeous garden of this paradise we have in life.<br />
<br />
glenara - the hundredfold is yours also in every prayerful smile I smile each and every day...

When I recieve such encouragement glenara not only do I keep seeing the magic - I am transformed by its love<br />
<br />
I know I have already succeeded...<br />
<br />
the rest is love light and levity shared<br />
<br />
blessings<br />
<br />

...once more with feeling,...gimme love, gimme love love...[sax solo waaaaaaaahhhh...]<br />
<br />
Beautiful GLB and bring light to me this day with your kind strength and encouragement...<br />
<br />
Wow a Heart Chakra Lion and a Dragon Tiger - what an honour...<br />
<br />
I am blessed

Very moving! Sung with a lot of heart and emotion!

sing me another love song but this time with a little dedication.......oh yeah.....<br />
Joan has been a part of my soundtrack for 20+ years. I even sang one of her songs at my sister's wedding--willow--. Nice to hear her here this morning. GLad that you are moving foreward in apparent happiness on your path. All my best--