Peace And Love



My thoughts on this Sunday.


He loved the mountain. It’s moods, the forests, the lakes and the views. A strong sense of belonging and being loved filled his heart. Above all, he loved the silence which brought peace  into his life. What memories now linger, but not quite forgotten, are dimmed, like a song whose name has faded.

In the beginning he perceived and selected the world he lived in and his choices depended upon his perception. As his awareness grew so did the realization that perception too was only a choice. But this choice was of vast importance.  One day it came to him that his perception opened many doors, and the voice he heard within him, the voice of God, guided him through the right door. Perception stood witness as he passed through, for it is only choice and not reality.


Nature humbled him and opened up new horizons, teaching him wisdom far beyond his wildest dreams

Each new dawn the mountain came alive. He could feel the vibrant energy pulsing through his veins and he knew without question, that in reality, no mountain existed, no forest, no he, or it. In truth, there is only and always will be, just the One.

He became the song-bird, the living tree, the running river, the rushing stream. He merged with the sunlit grasses that sipped the early morning dew and at night, the brightest star amongst the rest.

No names or labels could he tolerate, nor past or future. He existed only in the present for the present is before time was, and will be when time is no more. He was a child of light knowing that love always leads to love. Each living creature from the tiniest to the largest, he loved with a great love, for indeed, by loving all, it was his own Self he loved without ambivalences.


 I use the above analogy  to demonstrate how beautiful the spiritual path can be if one lets it be. It is not

easy to live this way without the intervention of a higher force. And in my view, one can never make it happen without this intervention.. 

It is what I would define as a miracle to reach this kind of level. After saying that, miracles do happen. Slow changes come into one’s life in an unconscious way.  Perspective, (which is choice) changes. You speak with someone and unlike before, you become aware that the person is enjoying your company and your conversation. You see this in their eyes and they thank you warmly when you part.


This also makes you feel good and you want this to happen again. With this new insight, people become a reflection of the good you are feeling and you begin to see yourself in them.

The truth is, you are learning to love yourself and when this happens you begin to manifest this love to others. This is the miracle. There is no need to put a name to this for there is no name. It is living in a heightened state of awareness.

The beauty of this is that it offers you the opportunity of bringing others into your light  and uniting with them, freeing yourself  from the past. In this respect you will never hold the past against another person. If you do, you yourself are making the choice of remaining in a darkness that doesn’t exist, and refusing the light that is offered to you.

This light is perfect vision and is freely given and freely received unconditionally. The world cannot give this light, but at this level you can give it as it was given to you. This light is unlimited and spreads across the world in quiet joy. All those you know and the rest of the world will shine on you and you on them in gratitude and in the knowledge that no one is alone.




“In my own capacity  to learn the truth I have stumbled and fell so many times. I have read countless theories from many different viewpoints and struggled to understand the philosophy of different religions. What did resonate with me was a passage written by “Swami Vivekananda” when he wrote  of acceptance.

He used the mountain and the rain as a way of summing up all different religions.



“If one stands upon a mountain and observes the rain, one will find that the rain will form a river. The river will run it’s own path down the slopes avoiding the boulders and obstructions that lay in it’s path. Although the path is crooked the river will eventually find it’s way to form a stream as it grows in size. The stream will continue on the crooked path in the very same way growing larger as it too avoids the obstructions like the river.

Eventually, the stream will reach it’s destination, “The Ocean,” and there it will merge and become one.” 


There are many more rivers and streams cascading down the mountain at the same time, and from all different sides. The important thing is that the end result is the same. They will eventually reach “The Ocean,” and amalgamate together in peace and harmony.


These are my thoughts this Sunday and may God be with you and keep you safe,


Love and Light,


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Aug 8, 2010