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The Stripping Process

I keep hearing from people who are going through major changes in their lives where they appear to lose what they hold dear.   I went through a similar process years ago which completely changed my world view.

This piece, written four years ago, gives an insight into the process.


The Stripping Process 

The other day I met the entrepreneur, Richard Branson who I've always admired. After meeting him I was curious why we'd met at that moment in time. Why not earlier or even later? After I had browsed his website and noticed his latest book "Business Stri pped Bare," I realised why.

Recently, a friend and I compared notes about our life paths. Both of us realised that even though we're coming from different perspectives, we have both gone through the "stripping process." This is what I've written elsewhere:


"The stripping process is when you lose everything you hold dear i.e. material possessions, health, relationships, career, home, beliefs and you're feeling down and out. It's a time that can feel very insecure and even frightening. Then God, Love, Spirit, your True Self (or whatever Higher Power you believe in) starts moulding you according to HIS will in order that HE can express HIS purpose through you. During that process you get to realise who you truly are. When people go through this process of stripping, their natural reaction is to either try to fix their old relationships and make things work; or they replace everything they've lost with new stuff, new ideas, new people, new career, new home, etc. While it is natural to replace the old with the new, if what you've replaced the vacuum with is not in harmony with your True Self, you're going to end up back to square one because that incongruence will create the same disturbance where you end up losing everything. It is at that point when people come to a place of complete surrender and obedience to the will of Spirit. Then, and only then, can the True Self/Spirit express as each individual."

~~ "Love Conquers All" (see link below)


So now it makes sense why I was interested in connecting with Richard because, in a way, we're both kindred spirits who have experienced the stripping process from our different vantage points. I'm so glad we made that connection, albeit a brief meeting.

It seems to me the global economy is going through a similar process of stripping of the old "order" in order for Spirit economy to emerge.

These are interesting times!

Peace be with you all.
(c) E Joseph


Link for "Love Conques All":
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Here, the story the researchers give goes something like this about a stirrping process which inspires in the same way:
1.Over time, the beak and talons of an eagle become encrusted with calcium. Thus, they are not as sharp as they once were.
2.Their feathers become weighed down with dirt and oil. When these things take place, it obviously hinders their ability to hunt effectively. With all of the dirt and oil on its feathers, an eagle will begin to “whistle” while it is diving on its prey. With this sound coming from a bird, it makes hunting ineffective because the prey can hear them coming and have more time to run and hide before they are snatched up.
3. When an eagle gets to this point in its life, it will descend from the heights above and go to a rock below.
4. Through the molting process, the eagle begins to lose its feathers by plucking them out one by one.
5. Not only will an eagle pluck out all of its feathers, it will actually break off its beak by smashing it on a rock.
6. It will rub its talons on the rock to rub them down until they are nubbins.
7. Its vision is even said to be impaired, so they don’t have as keen as eyesight as before.
8. At this point, the eagle becomes weak, vulnerable, and defenseless.
9. Many eagles die during this point in life because they can not hunt for themselves and they can’t protect themselves against predators.
10. During this time, many eagles become dependent on their companion eagles for sustenance and nourishment.
11. If they can survive the shame and exposure that molting produces, then the stripping process will pave the way for the eagle to become greater and stronger than it was before.
12. It is during this time that a wonderful thing happens to those who survive. Their feathers, beak, and talons begin to grow back with greater vigor than ever before. Their beak and talons will be as sharp as ever and they will once again take to the skies. They will have acquired revitalized youth that they hadn’t possessed since they were younger.
Dear soaring friend, if you are in a season of molting, pleased be encouraged that God will bring renewal and will send others who have been through it, to help you soar again–except it will be higher than ever.

Sunshines, the eagle example is a brilliant metaphor. I LOVE it! A definite keeper. Thank you for sharing. :-)

Butterflies go through the stripping process too. From larva to pupa to butterfly.

Lots of love xxx

welcm dear!love to you s well.hugs~sunshines!