Demand Always Follows Supply

I believe advertisers are excellent at demonstrating how demand follows supply. Through the gentle art of persuasion and mind control, they implant the idea about how vital certain products are; and the next thing you know people are rushing to the shops to buy products they don't even need or are not even good for them. In other words, advertisers create the supply first and then demand follows.

Actually, what advertisers are doing is quite admirable. If you wait for a demand to happen before creating supply you'll be waiting forever. A lot of inventions wouldn't have been "discovered" if these inventors had been sitting around waiting for the demand for them first before they dreamed the ideas into place. All pioneers have to be able to dream the supply first and then the form or demand follows naturally.

I have written in several articles how I tend to see the fridge full of food when it's empty. What I'm effectively doing is seeing "supply" already in place, regardless of appearances; and the gap is filled, for real, with yummy foods or demand.

When I haven't been feeling well, I have seen myself as perfect and I have felt better naturally without the need for pills or potions.

What if I were to apply the same principle to life i.e. "see" my days filled with wonderful and happy experiences that give me joy? The demand has to follow as actual tangible experiences.

I see my world filled with abundance, beauty, creativity, freedom, happiness, harmony, joy, love, peace, perfection, prosperity, well-being and wonder in every moment.

Demand always follows supply.

(c) E Joseph

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Dec 1, 2012