In my sleeping dream this morning, I was discussing the Hindu Goddess Kali with a few people. I was actually telling them how much I appreciate Kali.  Then I woke up.   

Anyway, here's a piece I wrote a while back that was inspired by Kali.


To Embrace Death is To Live Life Fully

The Hindu Goddess, Kali

"Today is a good day to die."  ~~ Klingon proverb


In the human experience, death is part of life.

Babies shapeshift into toddlers who shapeshift into teenagers who shapeshift into young adults who shapeshift into mature adults who shapeshift into senior citizens who shapeshift into corpses.

What causes these transmutations?

The death programme which our human DNA has been programmed to carry out in every cell in our bodies. That's why after a certain age, people start growing old and no longer able to regenerate their organs and the final exit is caused by some terminal illness, old age or a fatal accident. The death programme doesn't only apply to humans, it affects human creations, animals, and nature, though many trees outlive humans by thousands of years.

While the death programme is happily carrying out its task, the Light* that is eternal life is right there watching the scenes unfold but seems powerless to terminate the programme. Most people only become fully aware of the Light when they've exit the human experience. That's when they decide to either re-enter the human experience in the same body or through another human form while fully conscious. Alas, the death programme is so overwhelming that even with the best of intentions, they are defeated by the programme.

As I see it, instead of being scared of or resisting death, why not simply embrace death? Instead of trying to change death's nature, why not take advantage of her nature as destroyer. Death is now transformed from an enemy to be feared into my greatest ally and guide.

Now that I have Death on my payroll as my consultant, She can teach me how to destroy thought forms and beliefs that bind. In other words, I can now learn how to die to anything that prevents me from being the free unborn/undying Light that I am while still being very much alive in human form.

Speaking of Death as guide, in the Hindu tradition, the Goddess Kali is meant to symbolise death, the destroyer. As I see it, Kali represents death of the "ego." By "ego" I'm referring to the conditioned part of the human self that has created a whole system based on fear which masks our identity as eternal Soul.

Since the "ego" fears death of its existence, Kali is very much its arch-enemy and will do all it can to resist Her and even fight to the death. What the "ego" doesn't realise is that its existence was never at stake. If the "ego" would only surrender to Kali's love, he will be used as a tool to express Light that is eternal life.

As I'm writing this today, the 11 November, is known as Armistice Day (or Remembrance Day) which commemorates the official end of the First World War. It is also a day when people all over the world are remembering those who have served in the armed forces and have lost their lives during all wars.

As I see it, instead of commemorating those who have died in the wars, I prefer to celebrate Death, the destroyer of the "ego", which is the cause of all wars anyway.

Today is a good day to die to anything that binds.
Today is a good day to embrace death so I can live life fully...as will tomorrow, and the next, and the next...ad infinitum.

Thank you, Klingons, for your profound words of wisdom.
Thank you, Kali, for being the Destroyer and giver of life.

 * Note the use of the term "Light" is my own preference of describing the Source which can also be referred to as Being, Consciousness, God, Love, Spirit, Substance etc.

(c) E Joseph

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Dec 5, 2012