Why The Universe Always Says Yes

As I was approaching the bus stop I noticed three buses already at the bus stop. The first one wasn't the one I wanted. The second one was about to drive off but I beckoned for the driver to stop. When I got on board, I thought to myself that the bus looked different from normal. A few moments later when I heard the computerised Announcer saying the final destination, I realised I had got on the wrong bus. Turns out the bus I really wanted had been the third one behind.

I got off at the next stop and beckoned for bus no. 3 to stop.

During the bus journey I started thinking about mistakes and why sometimes "bad" things happen.

Why did the Universe, the Omniscient One, let me catch the wrong bus? I could have saved myself some money instead of having to pay twice for one bus journey.

In a way, the Universe did try to stop me by letting me almost miss the second bus. Obviously, if I'm going to insist on catching the wrong bus, the Universe is going to let me catch it.

But why didn't the Universe just say out loud in a booming voice: "Thou shalt not get on that bus or thou shalt have to pay double fares!"

Because it's the nature of the Universe to say Yes to all experiences whether it's "right" or "wrong."

But why say "yes" to an experience that is so obviously wrong?

Because a Universe that says yes and no suggests there are two opposing powers. In Truth, there is only one undivided Life, Love, Power, Self, Will and Wisdom expressing through the infinite in all time, all space, and all realities. Therefore, the One only knows how to be at one/in agreement with Its many selves in every moment.

Put another way,

The One cannot fight Itself as that is not Its nature;
The One cannot run away from Itself as that is not Its nature.

Because the Universe cannot fight against Itself, He will allow you to make "mistakes" while still continue to bombard you with the information that's appropriate for you until you finally get it. Let's say, for example, the Universe wishes for you to be happy but you insist on being miserable. The Universe will allow you to be miserable but will continue to bombard you with happiness until you finally surrender to happiness.

Back to my experience, even though I had caught the wrong bus, it was quickly brought to my attention that I was on the wrong bus and I got off and caught the one behind before it overtook the bus I was on. As for the extra fare I had to pay, I know the Universe will restore what I "lost" multiplied.

Since oneness is also my nature, I believe it's important to respect everyone's choices, whether I am in agreement or not, while still continue to wish everyone the very best.

All hail the One Life, Love, Power, Self, Will and Wisdom expressing as the Universe, which always says Yes!

(c) E Joseph

Source: http://easyfunwonderful.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/why-universe-always-says-yes-revisited.html
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