Inspiration Is Everywhere - Taking Command

As I see it, inspiration is everywhere.

This piece was inspired by a Reality TV show I watched a while back about conducting. I love conductors.


Taking Command - Revisited

I've been watching this brilliant Reality TV show on BBC2 called "Maestro at the Opera" where four celebrities are being trained to conduct an opera.

They had a similar series four years ago called "Maestro" where 8 celebrities were trained to conduct an orchestra.  I wrote about it here. (See link for "Taking Command" below)  I found this new series is taking it up a notch.

In the first episode of "Maestro at the Opera" the celebrities were given an Aria to conduct in front of a live audience and one was eliminated. 

In last night's show the three remaining contestants each had to conduct a scene from an opera and one more was eliminated.  Next week is the finals.

So far, this is what I have observed.

A conductor needs to have self-belief. If the conductor is not confident within him or herself, the musicians pick up on it, which affects their performance.  When the musicians trust in the conductor they give a great performance.

A conductor has to be sensitive to the needs of the musicians and the singers.  For instance, if the singers are wearing costumes that are restrictive, their breathing could be affected. The conductor has to ensure the pace is just right so that the singers are allowed to perform effortlessly. If the singers are singing in foreign languages, they need time to get the words out and still keep in time with the orchestra.

A conductor needs to have self-control.  One celebrity, who is a trained dancer, is used to being overly expressive. When he conducted in that style, the music was frenetic and he found himself losing control. He was told he had to rein himself in and conduct with a  "less is more" technique.

A conductor has to be able to feel and enjoy the music. One celebrity, who is a mathematician, was very methodical in the way he conducted.  While he had the right techniques, his conducting had no heart and he came across as not enjoying the music. 

I believe self-belief; self-control, sensitivity to others' needs and following your heart are very important in every day life.

I believe the easiest way to cultivate those attributes is to listen to my all-knowing, all powerful Self who already has all those attributes anyway.  I see my Self as the Cosmic Conductor who ensures everything unfolds perfectly for everyone.

The other day when I was inspired to travel home a different way, it didn't make logical sense why I was doing what I was doing but I believed in myself and followed my heart.  Even when  my bus took ages to arrive, I knew there was a very good reason why.  It turned out my detour had a higher purpose.  I ended up meeting a woman who passed on a message for my mother. See There's Good in Every Detour (link below)

Well done, BBC, for another fantastic series. I am loving it!

I believe in the Cosmic Conductor.

(c) E Joseph


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