Make Or Break

After watching the finals of the X Factor, the TV singing contest, I got thinking how useful these shows are to help showcase new artists and help them fulfil their dreams. The only snag is that because the audience gets to decide who wins, their support comes with strings attached. In other words, the audience might believe that because they "made" the artist, they expect a piece of that artist.

The same audience that made you can also break you.

I've heard many stories of artists who have been successful and then lost everything. I've also heard about artists who have been successful and have been desperately unhappy.

That's why I believe it's very important for the artist to know where he's coming from in terms of his core beliefs.

Who do you believe is your real source of success and happiness? Is it God, Love, Mind, the One, Self, Soul, Spirit, the Universe or You?

Let's say you believe You are your source and You are infinite. Then you know that the audience is only one channel through which your good is being expressed. If the audience takes away their support, there are zillions of other resources to support you.

When you know You are your source of happiness then you will always be happy regardless.

I'm reminded of part of the Mary J Blige song "Work That" which goes:


Feelin great because the light’s on me
Celebrating the things that everyone told me
Would never happen but God has put his hands on me
And aint a man alive could ever take it from me

~~ Work That, lyrics

In other words, Mary J Blige believes God is her source of success and happiness and nothing can take that away from her.

I believe while humans can make or break you, Self never lets you down.

I trust in Self.

(c) E Joseph

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Dec 9, 2012