End Game

The other day I saw this guy inspecting the wall along the canal. I presumed he was looking at the graffiti. Later, when I walked by the wall, I noticed the graffiti had been removed. Within a few days, a new graffiti was on the wall.

I've lost count of how many times they've cleaned that wall and the bridges only for them to be repainted soon after.

I find the game between the graffiti artists and the cleaners very amusing. As long as both sides benefit the game is never going to end. Right now the game creates employment for the cleaners of the graffiti; while the graffiti artists always have clean space to express themselves, albeit in secret.

The graffiti game reminds me of the current game in town where you see yourself as a saviour here to save humanity and wake them up to their true selves. The "saviours" are on the side of light and those who don't want humanity to be free are on the side of the darkness. As I see it, as long as people's livelihoods are dependent on the game, the game will always continue. What else are these "saviours" going to do with their time when there's no longer any battle to fight?

I believe the only way to end the game is to not participate in the game. Then it matters not how the game is played as you neither lose nor benefit from it anyway.

(c) E Joseph

Source: http://beingthemagic3.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/end-game.html
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Dec 11, 2012