The Power Of Need And Desperation

The following two pieces were written 2 years ago.


The Power of Need

People complain about the high cost of living and not having enough money, but the moment there is some kind of crisis or a disaster, millions of Pounds are raised for the cause. Where did all that money come from then if people are so strapped for cash?

I believe there's something about a great need or an emergency situation that compels people to dig deep and act creatively. They will even give that need top priority.

Speaking of need, on my way home last night I noticed this woman struggling with her shopping bag. I asked her if I could help her carry it and she said yes. As she didn't live very far from me I offered to walk her to her flat. So she held one handle and I held the other.

As we were walking, she said she hadn't intended to get so much stuff but her two kids, both under four years old, had been asking for things and she had to get them as she didn't want to deny them anything. She was also pregnant with her third child which she's expecting next year.

When we got near her building, she pointed to her flat on the second floor. She said I could leave and she will take her bag upstairs. I was having none of that. I insisted in helping her carry her shopping all the way to her front door. Before I left, she blessed me and we exchanged hugs.

It's funny how circumstances had brought us together. It was only because it was raining that I caught the bus and walked the rest of the way using that particular route. By the time I met my friend, it had stopped raining. If the evening had been dry, I would have used another route and our paths would never have crossed. In fact, even though she only lives round the corner from me, last night was the first time I've seen her.

That's the power of need, the need that made a pregnant mother go shopping at night; the need that rearranged my journey so our paths would cross so I could help her.

If a need can compel people to find resources they never thought they had to assist, then why not have needs all the time? In other words, why not treat every moment as an emergency? Then the Universe has no choice but to create limitless ways for your needs to be given top priority.

I need you, Universe, every single moment of every day.

(c) E Joseph



The Power of Desperation

"Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians: 17

My mother had a procedure done recently at the hospital, which required her to be still. She said before the procedure, she was worried about coughing which could have been a disaster. So she prayed fervently that she wouldn't cough. She said throughout the procedure she didn't get any urge to cough and remained perfectly still.

"That's great, mum!" I said. "But if you can pray for God to stop your coughing, why don't you pray for Him to just heal you?"

"You've got a point!" she said.

"I think it's partly to do with our beliefs that we don't need to," I said. "During my periods, just before I have a shower, I usually put out an intention for the bleeding to stop and it does. The moment I'm out of the shower, the flow is back on. Why I don't just ask for the bleeding to stop permanently is beyond me. Maybe, it's because I believe periods are the natural process of being a woman."

I believe all the hosts of angels are waiting for us to call on them for assistance but a lot of people would rather be independent until they get desperate.

There's nothing like desperation to make me realise that I have the power to invoke Grace for miracles any time, any place and anywhere.

(c) E Joseph

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Dec 14, 2012