If you want to hear the music of God's creation listen to the wolves howl at night

listen to the birds singing in the trees

listen to the wind

if you want to hear God Himself

listen to the silence


I have a piece of advice for those on the journey to their true selves,

trying to overcome their fears and doubts------

if it's not easy

you're not doing it right


any more advice is welcome.

BodhiSvaha BodhiSvaha
22-25, M
3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

You poem is art, it is beautiful, has all the things I love wind, silence, the music of the wolves. I love the sound of rain too and my children laugh. It was just beautiful I don't understand (duh) how its easy for people to get over fear and doubts if they do it the right way? maybe I am not reading it right. or I'm dumb : )


the time to listen is always now =]thank you very much for your comment