I got the depo shot 2 or 3 times not sure.
I got off it in February. It's been 3 months
I've have had a little bit of old blood twice within
The 3 months except it didn't stay for
A day or two I'd put a pad
On thinkinhis got it, id check nothing would be there.
I've had bad adominal pain, headaches, feeling sick but not vomiting,
Sore arms and legs my breasts are so sore!! Been tired had a lot of my hair fall out,
Lazy ( I'm usually up and being active) hungry a lot!!
My doctor thought I was pregnant but I've been for blood tests,
Ultra sounds,pee tests even had to do a poo test. Absolutely nothing

I am freaking out in only 17 and I loved being on the needle
Had no problems on it, no period was awesome, didn't have to worry about pregnancy with
My partner.but now that I'm off it I've just got problems all the time.

Amie17 Amie17
1 Response May 23, 2012

Sounds just like me on my 3rd dose of the depo shot which i am on now and feel like crap.... actually just like you!!!! sucks... i just want my life back